A Strange and Mystifying Story, Vol. 6

By | 21 November 2017

A Strange and Mystifying Story, Vol. 6 Akio Yamane S Bloodline Is Cursed Will His Hot Guardian Deity Break The Curse Or Merely His Heart In The Process Between Akio Yamane S Cursed Bloodline And Tsumugi Shirota S Family Trickery, Guardian Deities Setsu And Kurayori Have Their Hands Full Throw Love In The Mix And It S No Wonder Fireworks Erupt High Schooler Tsumugi Is The Temporary Bride Of The Otherworldy Master Kurayori Recently, Their Everyday Life Has Become Complicated By The Arrival Of A Strange Man Named Magawa, Who, In His Grief Over Losing His Fianc E, Is Seeking To Use Beings Like Master Kurayori For His Own Ends Tsumugi S Love For Master Kurayori Is So Great And Pure It Overcomes Gender, Age, And Species But Is Love Enough To Save His Beloved From The Ill Fate Awaiting Him

  • Paperback
  • 162 pages
  • 1421596008
  • A Strange and Mystifying Story, Vol. 6
  • Tsuta Suzuki
  • 21 November 2017