Stop Looking at Your Phone

By | 13 August 2017

Stop Looking at Your Phone In An Age When We D Rather Instagram Our Food Than Eat It, This Cheeky, Illustrated Instruction Manual Humorously Demonstrates How To Remove Our Eyes From Our Phones And Reconnect With The Real WorldIn His Wonderfully Deadpan Instruction Manual For Our Increasingly Device Focused Lives, Illustrator Son Of Alan Taps Into The Strange Truth Of Our Obsession With The Tiny Screen Revealing How Ludicrous We Ve All Become, And What Wonders Lie In Stall For Us Mere Inches From Our Faces, This Book Will Make You Want To Reclaim Your Life, Your Friends, And Your Family From The Tyranny Of The Backlit Screen Without Nagging Or Preaching, This Book Uses Hilarious But Simple Illustrations To Highlight Our Universal And Ridiculous Dependence On The Cell Phone In Stop Looking At Your Phone, Device Driven Readers Will Receive A Much Needed Reminder Of The Possibilities Life Offers Beyond The Digitally Enhanced Screen

  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • 1449497535
  • Stop Looking at Your Phone
  • Andrews McMeel Publishing
  • 13 August 2017