100 Daily Parenting Reflections

By | 07 May 2017

100 Daily Parenting Reflections Time To Read A Book Are You Kidding I Don T Even Have Time To Brush My HairParenting Is A Demanding Job At The Times When We Are Completely Overwhelmed And Overly Stressed, We Need To Be Able To Sit Down And Read A Book, But It Can Be Logistically Impossible Yet, These Are Precisely The Times That We Need Encouragement And That We Need Help Shifting Ourselves Back Into The Love Based Parenting Framework Towards Which We Have Been Working Sound Like Your Story Well, This Book Is Designed Just For You Each Page Gives A Small But Powerful Piece For You To Hold On To In Your Most Stressful Moments Each Reflection Requires Less Than A Minute To Read In Order To Help You Through Your Day Each Reflection Is Powerful Enough To Help You Regain Your Energy And Regain Your Focus In That One Minute

  • Paperback
  • 100 pages
  • 9780977704019
  • 100 Daily Parenting Reflections
  • Heather Forbes
  • 07 May 2017