For the Love of Men: A New Vision for Mindful Masculinity

A nonfiction investigation into masculinity, For the Love of Men provides actionable steps for how to be a man in the modern world while also exploring how being a man has evolved In 2019, traditional masculinity is both rewarded and sanctioned Men grow up being told that boys don t cry and dolls

Lifespan: Why We Age—and Why We Don't Have To

It s a seemingly undeniable truth that aging is inevitable But what if everything we ve been taught to believe about aging is wrong What if we could choose our lifespan In this groundbreaking book, Dr David Sinclair, leading world authority on genetics and longevity, reveals a bold new theory fo

The Art of Making Memories: How to Create and Remember Happy Moments

What s the actual secret to happiness Great memories Meik Wiking happiness researcher and New York Times bestselling author of The Little Book of Hygge and The Little Book of Lykke shows us how to create memories that make life sweet in this charming book.Do you remember your first kiss The day y

Friend-ish: Reclaiming Real Friendship in a Culture of Confusion

Bible teacher Kelly Needham debunks our world s constricted, small view of friendship and casts a richer, life giving, biblical vision for friendship as God meant it to be As the family unit grows unstable and the average age of marriage increases, a shift is taking place in our culture

The Complicated Heart: Loving Even When It Hurts

People always ask Sarah how she forgave her alcoholic mother How do you forgive someone who wounded you so deeply, who carelessly brushed aside your pain, who caused such destruction How do you forgive them when your wounds are still open, they show no remorse, and you re so tangled up with them y

Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life

Indistractable provides a framework that will deliver the focus you need to get results James Clear, author of Atomic Habits You sit down at your desk to work on an important project, but a notification on your phone interrupts your morning Later, as you re about to get back to work, a colleag

Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me: Depression in the First Person

A vibrant, compelling memoir from a remarkable young woman that bravely reveals the real life havoc wrought by depression and the urgent search for solutions Illuminating, completely engaging it s essential reading for all since we all know someone whose life, family or friends are touched by the

Boss Up!: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Book

Boss Up will help you put your business on the map and the ideas you ve previously only dreamed about into the marketplace It will help you overcome your fears and guilt to find a fulfillment that changes you and your families for the better And it will help you break free of the hard and borin